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Animal-Assisted Crisis Response
Specialized Canine Intervention for Individuals Affected by Disasters and Crises
Author: Yvonne M. Eaton-Stull
Treating the Eating Disorder Self
Author: Mary Anne Cohen
Reenvisioning Therapy with Women of Color
A Black Feminist Healing Perspective
Author: Lani V. Jones
Faith-Based and Secular Meditation
Author: Raymond Monsour Scurfield
Reproductive Decision Making
Acting to Help Clients
Author: Melissa M. Bell, Author: Sherie L. Edenborn
Disability, Intimacy, and Sexual Health
A Social Work Perspective
Author: Kristen Faye Linton, Author: Heidi Adams Rueda, Author: Lela Rankin Williams
Social Work Practice with Veterans
Author: Gary L. Dick, PhD
Harm Reduction for High-Risk Adolescent Substance Abusers
Author: Maurice S. Fisher Sr., PhD